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Fast Payment Options

In an attempt to make the lives of our carriers easier and show our appreciation, we offer a 24-48 business hour payment option via ACH or 10-day payment option via check.

Dedicated Lane Options

Logistics MSD is the sister company of Caprock Brick located in Lubbock, TX. Due to our close relation with a thriving brick company, we have dedicated lanes located all over the United States.

One-on-One Direct Communication

Logistics MSD has 24/7 direct communication with the plant and the driver to ensure that all details of the load and off-load are taken care of as well as sorting out any issues that may arise along the way. To alleviate stress from our carriers, Logistics MSD keeps up with the status of the load through the drivers preferred communication method and relays all information to loading and unloading sites.

Load Tracking

Logistics MSD uses both communication and Ascend TMS to keep track of all loads booked.

Pre-Existing and New Carrier Relationships

At Logistics MSD, we do our best to honor and respect the drivers that haul cargo for both Logistics MSD and Caprock Brick. If you have hauled for Caprock Brick in the past, please fill out our contact form and a Logistics MSD employee will reach out to you about the renewal of your carrier form as well as the benefits of being a previous Caprock Carrier. If you are a new carrier, please fill out our contact form and a Logistics MSD employee will reach out to you about the benefits of hauling for Logistics MSD. We welcome all Caprock Brick previous carriers and new carriers. We would love to speak with you!

Nearly 70 Trusted Carriers Located all over the U.S.

If you are looking to have cargo moved, Logistics MSD has more than 70 trusted carriers, all with multiple drivers. Our carriers are located all over the United States. We would love the opportunity to speak with you and offer our fast, professional, and quality delivery service.

Managed. Simplified. Delivered.